The Duties Of IT Support Professionals


The prime responsibility of the IT Support team is to service and maintain all applications that are in the server. The most obvious duty of a IT Support team is to ensure the security of computer networks by correcting any issue that could pose a threat to users’ privacy, data integrity, and data security.

IT Support professionals are hired from both private and public sectors. Because the internet has made it easy for organizations to take any responsibilities as far as the security of their networks, IT Support professionals have been appointed to do the same. There are many companies that hire IT Support Professionals to maintain and even build their networks or applications on the computer platforms.

What are the duties of IT Support? Some may say it is a supervisory task because the company can simply hire any IT professionals to perform the tasks. But there are certain requirements, the company must have before appointing any IT professionals. These include, having a basic knowledge of operating computers, having skills that would be utilized in an IT Support position, and ensuring that the company is comfortable with the work of the IT Support Professional will do for them.

There are different fields of IT Support. Most IT Support professionals are placed in the following areas. These include network maintenance, application development, designing and building operating systems, software management, and web applications.

What type of work do they conduct

Network Maintenance. Network Maintenance is the process of ensuring that all the servers and networks of the organization are in good working condition. This ensures that the network is protected against any threat that may affect its performance and efficiency.

Application Development. As the name implies, Application Development is the task of developing new applications and services for the company’s customers and clients. These applications are actually the components that allow users to access its programs.

Design and Build. In this sector, IT Support Technicians are responsible for designing and building new systems. These are usually in the form of systems that automate processes, but as the name implies, these systems are usually maintained by the IT Support Professional to ensure their smooth operation.

Web Applications. In this sector, IT Support Technicians are required to maintain and keep running the applications that are needed by the organization. Web Applications are used by employees and other users for accessing its online resources.

What to expect from an IT career

In order to be hired for any of these IT jobs, you have to possess at least a basic knowledge of computers. The more knowledge you have, the better the chances of getting hired for these positions. A good training would equip you with more knowledge about computers, network, servers, and more about the computer systems that may be required by the IT Support Team.

However, if you still think you are not fit for IT Support jobs, then you should opt for Information Technology (IT) Specialist (IT) position. In this case, you would be trained to work under different situations. It is important to note that this job is not for everyone.

  • The salary is a little higher than the IT Support job because this position requires much more experience and knowledge.
  • Some jobs also require that you be able to teach others how to operate various computer systems. But if you do not know the technical side of computers and technology, then it is better to opt for this position because this position would offer you more benefits than the IT Support position.
  • The best thing about these positions is that they require less of your time.

An IT Support position requires you to focus on one computer program at a time while a the IT Specialist position allows you to learn different operating systems, computer programming languages, and other technologies.